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Education loan

Education Loan

Education loan is an amount that covers the basic fee of the course that a student plans to pursue. It also comprises other related expenses such as college accommodation, exam fee, and other miscellaneous expenses of a student. This loan is generally offered to students who wish to go for higher education, either in India or abroad.

In this case, a student is the key borrower of the loan whereas the parent, spouse or siblings are considered as the co-applicants. The student, after the completion of the course, is expected to repay the loan under the repayment period of 5 to 7 years. This period can also be extended, in case of any specific circumstances.

At Finway, we understand the importance of education for a student and, hence, provide them with the best possible education loans at a very reasonable interest rate. We know why parents wish to provide quality education to their child and that too from the top institutions of India or abroad. We, thus, have a very simple procedure that offers quick disbursal of funds to the student for a hassle-free study experience.

We have always focused on providing financial aid to every child who wants to study and achieve their career goals. At Finway, our first priority is to provide an eclectic range of loans, education being one of them, perfectly suiting the student’s educational need in today’s world.

We believe that education is a crucial tool to make a country better. So, let’s empower India together and strengthen our country’s youth through our tailor-made education loans available at the best interest rates only at Finway.

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