Home Loan

Home Loan

A home loan is given by any bank or an NBFC to an individual at a certain rate of interest, which s/he can pay on EMI basis. Housing loan can be used to purchase a house that’s already constructed, under construction, or has been approved for construction in the coming future. Home loans are available on all approved properties irrespective of their size or location.

In return, the bank or the money lending company keeps the property of the borrower, which can be either commercial or personal in nature, as a security. The lender is legally authorized to recover the loan amount by selling the property in question, in case the borrower fails to pay the dues on time.

At Finway, we offer best home loans in the most secured manner and in the shortest amount of time. We provide home loans at the best rate of interest with least formalities required to save your precious time. The interest rates provided at Firnway are both fixed and floating in nature, which you can avail basis your preference.

Since our inception, we have continuously strived to understand our customers, strengthened our relations with them, and delivered the best to meet their ever-changing needs. Our services are available 24x7 backed by an efficient team of professionals who make sure that the entire loan processing takes place without any hindrances. Please visit our website for other details regarding the different types of loans we provide at Finway.

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